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"Booked Meeting" Value and Analytics

In current "Book a Meeting" function, the Phrase "Booked Meeting" is captured and filtered strictly based upon the Time Stamp for when the actual meeting was booked/Registered in Upsales.  From a sales perspective this is completely irrelevant.  My boss does not care if I am doing my job doing a "Registration" of a meeting on wednesday afternoon at 4.30 PM or saturday morning at 9.00 AM, as long as I book the meetings and meet with the customers that Im budgeted for.

From Analytics me and my boss needs to know:
- If and When Im meeting the customer, being "Booked Meeting”
- if I have XX amount of Booked meetings with status "Closing Order" or "Presenting Proposal" during the month of XX
- if I actually met with the customers.

 The function "Outcome" in the actual "Booked Meeting" screen can be used for this kind of filtering, but this information is not available from Analytics. How ever with the current functionality in Upsales, the above examples are not possible to fulfill and analyze in  "Analytics". I can only assume that this also puts the “Budgeted Meeting” function at risk, but that’s only my assumption.

So from a Sales Planning perspective, please make sure to change the meaning of "Booked Meeting" as this is crusial for our Sales Managers and us sales staff for planning, customer relation results and business analytics.

  • Magnus Vallin
  • Feb 19 2020