Upsales Ideas

I don't know if this is works as designed or a bugg



In the forms Submits view I would like to add columns with some custom field data from the form to get a better overview:


  • We have a custom field called Land
  • We have a text box called Message


The reason is that our account managers are divided by country and I also only want to assign leads from forms where the customer have left a message to us. 


It is possible to add any "upscales fields" from the form as a column to the submits view, but it is empty under the heading "other fields" where I would expect the two fields above to be.



Is this a bugg or works as designed, either way I would appreciate this to be fixed.


As for the message it should only show the first few characters to indicate that there is a message. The luxury version of this would be to show some kind of symbol if the message field is filled in and not the whole content.

  • Johan Terve
  • Jan 19 2018
  • Likely to implement